Anybody Want a Job (at Shiba Ramen)?

Shiba Ramen is hiring!  We're starting construction on our space next week, and are set to open later this fall.  We're looking to hire a very competent kitchen manager and a staff of ramen cooks.  And we need a team to work the point of sale and be the face of Shiba Ramen to our customers.  

Shiba Ramen is a startup company.  We're excited about what we're doing.  We're deeply invested in this, and we're extremely motivated to propel this business forward.  We have a line of products that we think will be a hit, and we're working hard to create a brand that will connect with customers. This will be a unique experience for those involved.  And the revitalized Emeryville Public Market is going to be a great atmosphere for work--lots of good food, lots of people.

We view these as growth positions.  We have big ambitions for Shiba Ramen.  We need people who can help us develop a well-run and successful operation at the Public Market, who can take on real responsibility, and who will be there with us when we're ready to expand.   

The positions: 

Kitchen Manager:  To start, this person will work alongside Hiroko to get the kitchen functioning and food production processes in place, while learning the products in sufficient depth to have a strong command of quality control.  Responsibilities will include managing kitchen staff.  Over time, we anticipate that this person will assume full day-to-day management of back of house.  There will likely be opportunities to play a role opening future locations.  

Candidates must have sufficient restaurant experience to give us cause to entrust significant responsibility early on.  Must be able and willing to perform diverse tasks.  Experience cooking ramen not necessary, but familiarity with Japanese food is a plus.  This is a case-by-case decision for us.    

Ideal candidate has a mind attuned to the growth of this kind of business, and a commitment to producing a high-quality product.  Full-time, negotiably salaried position.   

Cashiers and cooks.  Seeking people who are enthusiastic about what we're trying to do, especially at the register, where Shiba Ramen connects with its customers.  

Realistically, we're looking at late October/early November start dates, all dependent on the speed of construction.  If you (or someone you know) is interested, email me a resume and a bit about what you're looking for (

Or Someone You Know.